Lawmaker Says Budget Deal is Another Spending and Tax Increase

obama budget WASHINGTON – Tuesday, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray announced their agreement on another bipartisan budget. The deal came as lawmakers prepared to begin their holiday break. 

“This budget agreement is more of the same that we’ve seen out of Washington for years," said Congressman Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan) "Instead of providing solutions, it continues the insider game of playing ‘Let’s make a Deal.’  The deal provides for a $63 Billion spending increase, raises taxes, and adds to the deficit now – all in exchange for another mirage of spending reductions sometime in the future, most of them 5 years after Obama leaves the Oval Office."

Party leaders sayd the proposal would restore about $63 billion in funding that had been cut by the so-called sequester.

In so doing it blows up the only real significant spending restraint passed since the Republicans assumed the majority in the 2010 election, it violates the Republican House Conference agreement hammered out in January of this year in Williamsburg, and it does next to nothing to implement the House budget passed earlier this year," said Huelskamp.