Obamacare Still Not Getting Traction

Obamacare300x250Fort Lauderdale, FL (CHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE) -- Jacqueline von Zwehl, faith-based relationship expert and award winning Christian Inspirational author of The Prayer, A Love Story, is concerned about the hardship Obamacare is inflecting upon devout Christians and most especially Christian marriages.

"The Affordable Care Act mandate forces health insurance coverage that pays for contraception, sterilization, birth control, and abortion-causing drugs like Plan B, which violates the covenant of Christian marriage," said von Zwehl. "These mandates place a substantial burden on Christians to dutifully practice their faith."

According to the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) of 2008 over 76% of all Americans identified themselves as Christian, over 25% as Catholics, and 36% stated they attend church services every week or more.

"Based on these statistics, more than one third of our nation’s population are actively practicing Christians who are now forced to choose between violating their faith and violating the law," said von Zwehl. "This is not an issue concerning a small minority but rather a significant majority of Americans. In my opinion, the Affordable Care Act is looking more like the Anti-Christian Act. I believe that our religious beliefs and our right to practice as protected by the Constitution are coming under direct attack.”

Christian business owners have taken this issue as high as the Supreme Court and is scheduled to hear Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. v. Sebelius (Docket No. 13-354), a case challenging the Obama administration over whether a company must pay for birth control drugs that conflict with an owner’s religious beliefs. Additional cases, which challenge the Affordable Care Act, include Indiana v. IRS (CASE NO. 1:13-cv-1612) and Pruitt v. Sebelius (Case No. CIV-11-030-RAW), which take issue with the “Employer Mandate."

Project 21 member Dr. Elaina George, an award-winning otolaryngologist, says the depths to which ObamaCares’s supporters have plunged is too much to abide. It’s an offense to society’s sensibilities about race and fairness as well as an affront to the legacy of the civil rights movement. 

"It is no longer about the content of one’s character. It is all about winning at all costs," said Dr. George. "How else can the blind and dogged devotion of progressives to ObamaCare be explained at this point in time."

 While Obamacare was created with the intention of helping, Von Zwehl says there is great irony that it might actually cause tremendous stress on marriages across the nation.

"There are tens of millions of Americans across the country who do not have the resources to file individual lawsuits for exemptions," said von Zwehl. "As the law stands, Christians and Catholics are expected to pay towards birth control and drugs like Plan B. I believe this is a clear violation of the First Amendment and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993."

Von Zwehl further states, "This Act of 1993 is aimed at preventing laws which substantially violates a person’s free exercise of religion unless the federal government had a compelling reason to do so. The question Christians and Catholics across the country need to ask themselves is: Does the federal government have a 'compelling' interest in ensuring females have access to contraception and Plan B emergency contraception drug?"

The Prayer, A Love Story von Zwehl shares an inspirational true story of one woman who discovers the secret to living a life filled with miracles, answered prayers and finding true love. Von Zwehl states, “A Christian marriage is based upon a holy sacrament a couple makes in unity with God. I believe that demanding a couple to fund the Plan B drug violates the sanctity of Christian marriage and their unity with God."