Billy Graham Makes 57th Appearance on Most Admired List

Once again Rev. Billy Graham has been selected as one of the most admired people in world. The honor comes from Gallops annual survey of Most Admired Men and Women.

Rev. Graham has appeared in the top 10 list far more often than any other man, making his 57th appearance this year. He has never finished first, a spot typically taken by the sitting president, but has finished second on numerous occasions. Ronald Reagan has the second most top 10 finishes, but his 31 such finishes are 26 fewer than Graham's.

For the sixth consecutive year, Barack Obama ranks as the Most Admired Man among Americans, and Hillary Clinton is again the Most Admired Woman.



Side Notes:

Obama received 30% of the vote in 2012, but only 16% this year.

Obama is the only active Democratic politician out of the top men and women.

Sen. Ted Cruz is the only active member of Congress to make the list.

Hillary Clinton has been named the Most Admired Woman 18 times.

Clinton’s 15% is down from last year’s 21%.

This is Queen Elizabeth II’s 46th top 10 finish.