New Crowdfunding Platform Supports Non-Profits

Investors 4 CharityTallahassee, FLA,  — A former Wall Street investor has launched a new crowdfunding platform. Charles Parlato, founder of C&C Shorelands, Inc. and former hedge fund manager has launched Investors 4 Charity (I4C).

“With the rise of crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional institutional funding, I thought that perhaps a variation on the present crowdfunding model might present a different path forward for the production of this movie,” Parlato said.

Under the I4C platform, donors can designate a charity (or charities) within a group of charities selected by the project’s developers. The charities designated by each donor will receive all proceeds and profits due equity investors from the project. Thus, donors select the media project they wish to support, designate the charities that are to profit from the successful development of the named project and receive a tax deduction in the amount of their donation.

“People who want to support a particular media project are able to make a tax deductible donation to I4C,” Parlato said. “The donors in turn become equity investors where the benefits of the investment will flow to the charities that have been selected on the website.”

Through I4C the benefits, profits and proceeds from a particular project support non-profit organizations.

“Usually profits go into the pockets of the producers or other equity investors,” Parlato adds.

Parlato has been involved in the capital markets for approximately thirty years, first as an analyst and then as manager of a private hedge fund.

“I don’t think there has ever been something like this,” Parlato said. “There have been donation platforms, but in those situations the beneficiaries are the developers.”

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NICAEA the Movie is the inaugural fundraising project for I4C. Over 2.2 million has already been raised for NICAEA through I4C.

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