SIM USA President Issues Statement Regarding News of Dallas Patient Testing Positive for Ebola

CHARLOTTE, N.C. |Christian News Service| – The following statement was issued today by SIM USA Ebola - DallasPresident Bruce Johnson upon news of a hospital patient in Dallas, Texas, testing positive for the Ebola virus:

“We are sorry to learn of the confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas.  This person did exactly the right thing – report to a hospital.  

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people of West Africa have little or no option of a clinic or hospital to seek help.  We can control Ebola in America.  But it’s out of control across West Africa, and that's why we need more people and resources on the ground to care for them.

Think if this person in Dallas had no clinic or hospital available to them to go to for care.  The only care center was a three-day walk or drive from Dallas.  That's the case for the majority of people in West Africa.  There is scarce or no medical care available.

I am grateful for what we have available in the U.S.  We have seen the success and survival rate of Americans cared for in a well-equipped medical center. We need to help share this with the people of West Africa. .  

We will be praying for the survival of this patient and that doctors will continue to learn at a quickened pace what will help fight this epidemic across West Africa.”