Doctors Declare Jahi McMath is "Alive"

Parents of a young girl declared brain dead are trying to get the courts to declare her alive Jahi McMathagain after brain activity was found.

Eight months after Children’s Hospital Oakland refused to care for 13 year-old Jahi McMath, doctors and attorneys are declaring that Jahi is in fact alive.

Executive Director of Life Legal Guardians, Dana Cody, has says the medical industry should not be so quick to declare a patient brain dead.

“The medical industry -- and I’m not talking about the physicians and nurses that still respect life – but you see this medical industry that is so quick to remove a feeding tube or declare brain death, when the patient could be treated and given a chance at life,” said Cody.

McMath is still in a coma, but medical experts confirm she is living and exhibiting blood flow and electrical activity in her brain as well as physical movement in response to her mother’s voice.

Cody maintains there are many similarities between McMath, and Terri Schiavo who died after her feeding tube was removed March 18, 2005, following a fifteen-year battle to save her life.

“The similarities between Terry and Jahi are that their conditions are being mischaracterized by spokespersons in the medical community, that for reasons unknown to me, want to see Jahi and Terry’s life ended,” said Cody. “In Terry’s case that unfortunately happened. I congratulate Jahi’s parents and those who helped behind the scenes, however, to see that she got the treatment that she needed so that now this declaration of death will be overturned and she’ll get treatment that will hopefully lead to her waking up.”

Life Legal Guardians, a project of Life Legal Defense Foundation, prepares individuals and families for the issues that arise out of end-of-life disputes by ensuring they have the tools and resources in place to protect their legal rights.