Nation flocks to support family owned Memories Pizza, over 200K raised

Memories Pizza has closed its doors due to threats following a report by ABC 57 news about the restaurants position on memories-pizza-indianahomosexual marriage.

While owners of the Walkerton, Indiana restaurant contend they serve anyone in their establishment, the O'Connor family maintains catering a gay wedding goes against their Christian beliefs.

“If a gay couple came in and wanted us to provide pizzas for their wedding, we would have to say no,” Crystal O’Connor told ABC 57. “We are a Christian establishment.”

O'Connor clearly stated the restaurant serves LGBT customers in its regular dining service.

“If a gay couple or a couple belonging to another religion came in to the restaurant to eat, they would never deny them service,” reported the ABC affiliate.

But for "Boycott Indiana" protestors that isn't good enough. The restaurant owners have been bombarded with threats and a relentless social media campaign.

Concord High School girl’s golf coach Jess Dooley has been suspended from coaching for a Tweet she allegedly posted Tuesday evening.

The Tweet under @dooley_11 said “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me? Agree with #FreedomofReligion bill? “That’s a lifestyle they CHOOSE” Ignorant”

The account has since been deleted.

Concord Schools Superintendent Wayne Stubbs wouldn’t speak on camera, but said Dooley has been suspended from coaching until further notice pending an investigation.

The Walkerton Police Department issued the following statement:


With media camped in front of the restaurant and a loss of revenue, a GoFundMe account has been created to support the O'Conner family. Nearly $200,000 has been raised in less than 24-hours.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act March 26 which created a backlash from the gay lobby and liberal media outlets.