Hotel cancels anti-Shariah law conference, attorney says causes damage to conference


Hutton HotelIn a demand letter to an executive of the Hutton Hotel, an attorney for "The Constitution or Shariah: Preserving Freedom Conference" says the hotel "has unjustifiably and improperly cancelled the contract to provide the venue for this conference" and promises to "pursue all available remedies."

Matthew D, Staver, Founder and President of Liberty Counsel -- an international organization providing legal representation on issues affecting the rights of the faith-based community -- advised Stephen Eckley, Senior Vice President of Hotels for Amerimar Enterprises, that he represents the Conference organizers.

Staver notes that when the contract was signed on August 11, the hotel was made aware of the purpose of the conference, which was to discuss "Sharia law, radical Islam, terrorism and their effects upon American society." This contradicts Eckley's claim that the hotel only learned of the purpose of the conference last week.

The Liberty Counsel lawyer also observed that, "The conference would have discussed the above issues in a scholarly, professional and responsible manner." Speakers included lawyers specializing in constitutional issues, national security experts, human rights activists, and clergy of various denominations and a member of the Tennessee legislature.

Responding to Eckley's claim that the conference was cancelled because of a supposed threat of physical harm to people at the hotel, Staver asked if such threats had been reported to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department or the FBI, as required by federal law. Staver, "If you truly have received serious threats of violence in response to legitimate First Amendment expression, you have an obligation to report it to the government, not to act in concert with the demands of radical Islam."

Staver warned Eckley that the Hutton's breach of contract, based on "spurious allegations," is "improper, has caused great damages, and has positioned your holdings against the faith-based community who are concerned with radical Islam, which numbers in the millions of potential customers."