Israeli Breakfast at NRB Marks 65th Anniversary of Statehood

Israeli Breakfast - NRBVarious Jewish leaders and diplomats from Israel and the Diaspora attended the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention and prayer breakfast in Nashville, Tenn marking the 65th anniversary of Israel's statehood. 

The event also honored  prominent Christian leaders and radio personalities who have been outspoken supporters for the Jewish state. The celebration was sponored by the Jewish National Fund. The featured speaker was Ambassador Ido Aharoni, the Consul General of Israel. Ambassador Aharoni provided an assessment of what is happening in the Middle East and nuclear threats with neighboring Iran.


"Nuclear Iran poses a threat to the entire western civilization," sad Aharoni. "If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons terrorist groups like Al Queda will end up with nuclear devices. It will change the world. Therefore, the world does not have the luxury in allowing Iran to become nuclear."

Aharoni concluded his remarks recalling when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu state in 2012 the role Christians play for Israel and the involvement of Christian Zionists in Israel's restoration.


Netanyahu said, "I don’t believe that the Jewish State and Modern Zionism would have been possible without Christian Zionism. I think that the many Christian supporters of the rebirth of the Jewish State and the ingathering of the Jewish people in the 19th century made possible the rise of...modern Jewish Zionism. We always had the deeply ingrained desire to come back to our land and rebuild it. ...That was made possible in the 19th century, by the resurgence of Christian Zionism... It’s well represented here today by our Dutch friends."

Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), received the "Defender of Israel" award. 

"We are committed at our offices around the globe to stand with Israel," said Sekulow. "I am humbled by the award."

Sekulow argued a new effort coined "lawfare" is being used to 
delegitimize the State of Israel. It uses domestic or international law with the intention of damaging an opponent, winning a public relations victory or financially crippling an opponent. In this case, said Sekulow, the opponent is Israel.

Dr. Mike Evans received the "Leadership in Zionism" award. Evans operates an Israeli-based think tank. The Jerusalem Prayer Team

Evans was recognized not only for his previous support of Israel, but his proposed new Christian Zionist Heritage Center. Evans contends there are 300 museams in Israel, but none feature Christian heroes of the faith.

"My support for Israel begins out of a sense of guilt," Evans told the audience. ""The blacks are ruening the country and the Jews own it," I heard as a child. "My father would beat my mother calling her a "Jewish whore. I never could defend my Jewish mother."

Most Israeli's don't know anything about Christian love. The new center seeks to communicate the impassioned support many Christians have for Israel.

"The Christian Zionist Heritage Center will feature stories of mena and women of faith - some well known and others almost forgotten - who greatly helped the cause of the Jewish people and were instrumental in the creation and survival of the modern state of Israel," said Evans.

God TV received an award for its tree planting program. The network has a goal of planting some 1 million trees across the Holy Land.