Rob Bell Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage, "That Ship Has Sailed"

Rob BellRob Bell, founding pastor and pastor emeritus of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Hill, Michigan, has come out in support of same-sex marriage. The controversial author and speaker made his beliefs known during a forum March 17 in San Francisco.

During the forum at Grace Cathedral, an Episcopal church, Bell was asked about his position on gay marriage, and responded by saying, "I am for marriage. I am for fidelity. I am for love, whether it's a man and woman, a woman and a woman, a man and a man. I think the ship has sailed and I think the church needs -- I think this is the world we are living in and we need to affirm people wherever they are."  Listen to the full audio of Bell's comments here.

During a Q&A time Bell described what he believes the future holds for the Evangelical Church. 

"I think we are witnessing the death of a particular subculture that doesn't work. I think there is a very narrow, politically intertwined, culturally ghettoized, Evangelical subculture that was told 'we're gonna change the thing' and they haven't. And they actually have turned away lots of people. And I think that when you're in a part of a subculture that is dying, you make a lot more noise because it's very painful. You sort of die or you adapt. And if you adapt, it means you have to come face to face with some of the ways we've talked about God, which don't actually shape people into more loving, compassionate people. And we have supported policies and ways of viewing the world that are actually destructive. And we've done it in the name of God and we need to repent."

Bell is getting an earful from those who stand on both sides of the issue.

"I just listened to Bell's interview with the head of Grace Cathedral and it is 100 percent clear to me that either the Bible is wrong or he is," wrote Nathan Hauger on Facebook. "I don't know what you gotta do to get your "False Prophet" membership card, but Bell has got to be a good candidate with this latest."

Yet another fan on Bell's Facebook said he is confused by, what he considers to be an inconsistant worldview, by many evangelicals.


What I don't get is why all these religious nut jobs here on Bell's page hurling judgement on him aren't on pages like "Budweiser" blasting them for their contribution to drunkennes," wrote Charles Evanstar. A ship of fools indeed."



Photo courtesy of Facebook