Evangelical Press Association Names New Director

D'Arcy Maher - Evangelical Press AssociationThe Evangelical Press Association has announced a new executive director. The association is a professional association of some 300 Christian magazines, newsletters, newspapers and websites throughout North America.

After a thorough search process the board selected D’Arcy Maher. Maher formerly served as Director of Early Education Services for the Association of Christian Schools International.

 An industry faced with declining circulation and changing demands of news consumers, Maher says God’s best creativity flows when His children confront adversity. 

“There is a lot of challenges for media but the bonus of it is we see a huge influx of really great students and really great energy coming into the field,” Maher said. “So, rather than be discouraged by that I am actually encouraged to face the challenges ahead.”

Maher is hopeful about EPA's membership who is exploring new solutions and innovations in media.

“There are really significant cultural challenges that we are going to face,” Maher said. “There are extremes in our culture and so the role of Christian media and being salt and light and winsome children of God is going to be an increasing important role, but I think our members are up for the challenge.”

Maher will work with Lamar Keener, whose role as EPA's Business Manager has been expanded to Chief Financial Officer, in which he will oversee and manage the business and financial side of EPA as well as strategic partnerships.

Maher holds an M.Ed. from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. She has 15 years of association leadership experience and 12 years in magazine and book publication. In addition, Maher has experience in implementing comprehensive membership strategies, creating membership engagement opportunities and fundraising.

Keener holds B.S. and M.A. degrees from Liberty University and is a licensed minister. He brings 25 years' experience in publishing and a decade in higher education administration. EPA leaders say he adds a strategic perspective to the EPA's financial management, analysis and administrative functions.

Maher and her husband, Tom, live in Colorado Springs. She replaced outgoing Executive Director Doug Trouten who served in that position for 11 years.