Pro-Life Advocates Working to Keep Ireland Abortion Free

Ireland Abortion FreeFor decades Ireland has remained the safest nation in Europe for the unborn, but that security may now be in jeopardy as Ireland’s coalition government is considering a proposal that would legalize abortions. In response to the effort, pro-life groups, activists and Irish Americans, however, are working to keep the largely Catholic nation abortion free.

Only in the strictest of circumstances has abortion been legal in Ireland, but Irish lawmakers are now considering a new law that would weaken the current ban on abortion.

The Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, is working with his Irish colleagues equipping them for a battle that pro-life advocates in America know all too well.

“We feel in Washington D.C. we are uniquely qualified to address this,” Mahoney said. “When I was over there and spoke at large rallies we challenge the people to not make the mistake that America made – that forty years down the road that over 55 million innocent children have been murdered. Abortion has not helped our society or culture. In fact, American is turning away from abortion and turning to a culture of life.”

Mahoney said demonstrations are planned for June 7 at Irish embassies around the world encouraging the government to uphold its long-standing laws protecting the unborn.

“The European union has tried to portray Ireland as backward, not progressive and obstructionist to change,” Mahoney said. “It is really an affront on their Catholic faith tradition. So, when you see the European union ripping Ireland as somehow being backward and Neanderthal – what they are really saying in coded language – is it’s an attack on the church.”

Mahoney maintains there are over 36,000,000 Irish Americans living in the United States with a vast majority of them deeply troubled that the Irish government would legislate abortion into that country.

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny addressed graduates at Boston College May 20 as the catholic school’s commencement speaker. Even amid significant protests, Kenny was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

Cardinal Sean O'Malley didn’t attend the commencement to protest the school’s decision to honor Prime Minister Kenny.