Networks Baring it All in Primetime

TV Networks - NudityA new study by the Parents Television Council found a nearly 70 percent increase in blurred and pixilated full nudity on the broadcast networks during primetime viewing hours in just one year. The report finds that NBC and ABC are the worst offenders.

 The PTC found that there were almost as many shows containing blurred or pixilated full nudity in only the first 4 months of 2013 (N=16) as aired during the entire 2011-2012 television season, but even more reveling is the shows barring it all are shown on PG rated programs. Every instance of full nudity that aired 9:00pm or after aired on a TV-PG rated show.

Melissa Henson, director of communications and public education for PTC said the data exposes huge flaws in the TV ratings system and has the PTC especially concerned given that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has proposed to limit enforcement of the broadcast indecency law.

“If this kind of increase in pixilated nudity can occur with the existing rules, one can only imagine what would happen if that rule change goes into effect and the FCC essentially announces to the networks anything goes and we aren’t going to enforce the law anymore,” said Henson.”

Collectively, NBC and ABC accounted for 88 percent of the full nudity that aired on primetime broadcast television. Shows included: Modern Family (ABC), Happy Endings (ABC), Suburgatory (ABC), Parks and Rec. (NBC), Betty White Off Your Rocker (NBC), Whitney (NBC), Go On (NBC), Cops (Fox), and Survivor (CBS).

“Most parents instinctively know that they need to monitor what their kids watch on television, but our new research shows that it would be almost impossible for them to protect their kids from blurred or pixilated nudity on TV since most broadcast TV networks are rating these shows as acceptable for young children,” said PTC president Tim Winter.

The PTC encourages citizens to file public comments with the FCC.