Teacher gets Physically Violent with a Bradlee Dean Ministry Team Member

Constitution teacher goes-ballisticMINNEAPOLIS, Minn (Christian News Service) -- A woman who described herself as a teacher of the U.S. Constitution went ballistic over Bradlee Dean’s ministry effort at a gasoline station in Florida to develop up support for its campaign to teach the ethics, morality and responsibility of the Bible in public schools. 

 The woman verbally and physically attacked two ministry workers, Elizabeth Ilse and Chase Schomberg.

See Video :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apSQISfYJXs&feature=youtu.be

Dean reports Ilse was standing behind one of her ministry tables while distributing Christian literature to those visiting the gas station. She simply said, ‘Hello,’ to the woman, but after approaching and to read the sign on the ministry’s table that said, ‘Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers,’ the woman viciously attacked the cause by screaming ‘shame on you for wanting Christianity in schools,’ calling Miss Ilse a ‘bigot,’ and further stating that "Christians are the problem.”   

She threaten to call police, then yelled, “I’ll tell police you are not just harassing, but are assaulting me.”

She then assaults the cameraman with her bag.

“Its totalitarianism,” said Dean. “This is what we are seeing out there. They love to pull your hair, they like to smack your face and they even have the audacity to call the cops and cry victim.”

 The woman then left the scene only to return a short time later to talk with police. Police asked the ministry workers if they wanted to press charges against the woman.

 It's undecided whether the ministry or Dean will press charges.

“It’s coming from the Atheists, it’s coming from the left and its coming from the liberals,” said Dean. “As if to say we have two constitutions and not one. I like to say if the right was doing the right thing all the time we wouldn’t have a left.”

Bradlee Dean’s ministry 
"You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International" reaches out to America’s next generation through principles of morality, true freedom, and personal responsibility.

Dean maintains it’s just one of a number of attacks in recent months on Dean’s ministry. A high school principal in Florida cut off Dean’s First Amendment rights mid-sentence. Dean later returned to the school to finish delivering his message. 

Another controversy over Dean’s appearance at a public school in Iowa where his ministry was accused of “Gay bashing” and warned by the fire chief that the town’s roads would be shut down to keep the band from returning. But after a letter from Liberty Council, Dean returned to Dunkerton and spoke at the city’s library during the Dunkerton Days festival.         

The organization explains its mission is to “equip our next generation with the Christian values that made America great through a unique avenue of music and educational event forums in colleges, schools, churches, festivals, and arenas.”     

The goal is to present that message in schools.

In other developments, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has been served with a lawsuit by Dean alleging defamation for her references to Dean’s group. The case is on appeal.