Has the Mainstream Media Already Found Zimmerman 'Guilty'?

George ZimmermanThe high-profile killing of Trayvon Martin concluded its first week of testimony Friday. Neighborhood watch security volunteer George Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. One gun rights advocate, however, believes the liberal media’s “court of public opinion” has already determined its verdict. 

Sanford, Florida resident George Zimmerman, who fatally shot the black teen February 26, 2012, could get life in prison if the jury finds he didn’t act in self-defense.

Bill Frady, host of Lock & Load radio show says many are ignoring the facts, the Constitution and citizen rights and muddying the waters by injecting racial undertones.

"This is a tragic story and its a sad story," said Frady. "The Martin parents are never going to have justice because they can't get their son back. Furthermore, Zimmerman's life as he knows it is over whether he is acquitted or convicted. It is a really bad situation, but as far as all this national focus, I think this is the media trying to tell us to look over here when we should be looking over there."

Frady, a military veteran and Second Amendment advocate considers the trial a a farce meant to appease liberal gun control activists.

"A murder trial has to have to some element of premeditation," said Frady. "I do not believe that I that night he was on neighborhood watch, that George Zimmerman said to himself, 'I'm going to kill Trayvon Martin when I see him. So, there is no premeditation there. I do think, however, Zimmerman did some pretty stupid things."

Frady maintains the media consistently reported that Trayvon Martin was a 'good student' when in reality he was suspended from school prior to being shot and that he used marijuana. "The major liberal media has issued their opinion and their 'court' is adjourned," said Frady.