Answers in Genesis Mega Conference Draws Christians From Across the Nation

Answers in Genesis Mega ConferenceCHRISTIAN NEWS SERVICE -- Some 1500 Christians from across the nation are in Tennessee this week hearing from speakers teaching on Creation and young earth perspectives.  

Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis Mega Conference has brought together some of the leading authorities on the Bible and Creation experts. Held at the Wilderness at the Smokies Event Center in Sevierville, Tenn, Ham tells AFN many Christians come to conference seeking to become equipped to be bolder in their faith.

“Out of here, as we’ve seen before, these people and their children will go out and be on fire for the Lord like never before to witness to others and to help the church and the culture to the authority of God’s Word,” said Ham.

Ham, who is also president of the Creation Museum, says Christians are often intimidated when it comes to defending their faith. He contends secularists often pretend they know how to defend their anti-God perspective, but are misguided.

“A lot of times the secularists pretend to know how to defend their ‘faith,’ said Ham. “If you are equipped with some real answers, actually, I believe you will run rings around those sorts of people. Ultimately their worldview is bankrupt because they have the wrong foundation.”

The conference goes through Thursday, July 25 and features speakers like Tony Perkins, Ray Comfort and Todd Friel, as well as programs for children and a geological field trip.

Photo: Russ Jones - Christian News Service