Southern Baptist Leader, 'Experiencing God' Author Found Safe

blackabySouthern Baptist leader and author Henry Blackaby has been found after he went missing for more than 24 hours. The 78-year-old author of 'Experiencing God' and numberous other books, suffered a heart attack while driving.

Doctors say he needs at least 4 bypass surgeries performed on his heart immediately. Surgery may be as soon as Sunday. 

Thursday September 19, Blackaby drove his car to pick up his wife Marlilynn from an appointment. He apparently suffered a heart attack while driving. He became disoriented and unable to find his way back home.

According to the author's website, he then drove for the next 29 hours until finally being found in a small town south of Atlanta. He did not have his cell phone with him nor insulin for his diabetes. As a result, his blood sugar rose and his kidneys began to struggle as well.

"The family was able to track his movements as he used a credit card to make occasional purchases," the family said in a statement. "The police assigned a detective group to monitor his movements and to track him down. Hundreds of volunteers, many from his church at First Baptist Church Jonesboro, Georga drove all over the city looking for him. He is currently in a hospital undergoing extensive tests."