American Healthcare Gets a Check-Up in New Film

Wait Til It's FreeWACO, TX -- Award-winning filmmaker, Colin Gunn (co-director of 'Indoctrination') is in production on 'Wait Till It's Free', an eye-opening documentary that examines the American healthcare crisis, looking at everything from the escalating cost of health insurance to the move towards universal government healthcare.

Americans are now being forced to swallow a bitter pill, and Gunn hopes his film will provide a welcome antidote. Gunn says, "This film offers practical solutions to the healthcare crisis, and it will be an effective tool to reach friends and neighbors with the truth about the socialized healthcare disaster."

Gunn recently made his cross-country tour to interview doctors, nurses, business leaders, health insurers, lawyers, economists, and most importantly - average Americans - the people who will suffer most from increased government involvement in healthcare. Gunn says his film will reveal the personal stories of doctors and patients who are struggling to survive the healthcare crisis and are looking for free-market alternative solutions. "This film is for anyone confused and concerned about their healthcare choices."

Gunn and his team are nearing the end of production with a few more interviews to record. Then they will embark on the tedious process of editing the forty-plus interviews and hours of footage. The producers launched a crowdfundingcampaign on Nov. 1 to raise needed funds to complete the film and at the same time allow people to voice their opposition to government-controlled healthcare.


Wait Till It's Free (Teaser Trailer) from Wait Till It's Free on Vimeo.

"We are making this film because the American people don't know what's really going on," he continues. Gunn says the film will provide doctors and patients with the facts about what's going on, how it's going to affect them, and what alternatives they have. "Doctors will essentially be government employees under Obamacare. And we are going to see prices continue to skyrocket at alarming rates."

Christian-run businesses, like Hobby Lobby, have been fighting against the HHS Contraceptive Mandate, which is part of Obamacare. "At the end of the day," Gunn says, "this is really all about freedom - healthcare freedom and religious freedom."

As a Scottish-born filmmaker who now lives in Texas, Colin is uniquely qualified to make this film. He has been making films for the past ten years, and as an outsider coming from a country where socialized medicine is already in place - he has seen the devastating results. He wants to alert Americans to the dangers Americans will face as Obamacare is rolled out over the next few years.

Despite the havoc caused by government intervention in healthcare, Gunn says there is real hope, and solutions are forming. Among these are cash-only clinics, medical cost-sharing groups like Samaritan Ministries (a sponsor of the film), and charitable efforts to provide free healthcare for those who can't afford it.

Gunn likens documentary filmmaking to arguing a court case. He goes out to find "eye-witnesses" who have first-hand experience with the subject, and they present their testimonies, they make their case and present evidence for or against the issue. The audience is really the jury that has to weigh the evidence and reach a conclusion. "We don't pretend to be unbiased," he admits. "We tell you upfront that we have presuppositions based on the Bible, but we do present evidence to persuade viewers to our perspective."

Colin is an award-winning writer/director/producer and accomplished animator. He is perhaps best known for co-directing/writing 'IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America', winner of Best Documentary at the 2012 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

Originally from Hamilton, Scotland, Gunn now lives in Waco, Texas, with his wife and eight children.

'Wait Till It's Free' is due out in early 2014.

Production updates will be posted at the official website: