Grammy Award Winner Ricky Skaggs Donates Blood in Support of Israel

ricky skaggsGrammy Award Winner Ricky Skaggs Donates Blood in Jerusulem

Whats the best way to say I love you on Valentines Day?  Flowers?  Chocolate? A card?

This year, famous Grammy Award winning country musician Ricky Skaggs did some thing even better.  He gave from his heart, literally, sharing his love for the people and state of Israel by donating blood in Jerusalem. 

"I'd love to give blood for my brethren of Israel," said Skaggs. "Jesus gave His blood and life for me so the least I could do is give my blood to my brethren in Israel."

Under the auspices of Heart to Heart,, thousands of American Jews and Christians have rolled up their sleeves do leave behind the most valuable gift possible while on their tour or pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Ricky Skaggs is the most recent in a growing trend.



But for the hundreds of millions of others who have a heart for Israel, but are not in Israel, Heart to Heart offers the world’s first virtual blood donation program, allowing people from thousands of miles away to bless Israel and save lives in Israel by sponsoring a unit of blood. 

Heart to Heart’s unique program is the most meaningful and tangible way to give to and support all Israelis, regardless of ethnic or national background, among Jews, Christians, Moslems, Druze and others.  Each unit of blood can save up to three lives.

Jonathan Feldstein, Heart to Heart’s director, shared “When I first met Ricky, we started talking about blood uniting Jews and Christians and I was overcome at how immediate and effusive his response was.  He didn’t hesitate to say yes.  He stood up as a leader, almost in a biblical way, and said, ‘I’m in!’  The growing outpouring of support is heart warming.”

Another unique aspect of heart to Heart is that when someone sponsors a unit of blood, they get a certificate indicating that they helped save lives in Israel, and for donations over $40, they can even send a certificate to someone else that this donation was made in their honor.  What better Valentines gift to say I love you than by giving the gift of life.